Tandem Flights

Traditional Tandem Flights:
Everyday our instructors organise tandem flights taking off on foot or on skis depending on the season.
Take-off is from Ruinettes and is followed by a flight of 20 to 30 minutes. The landing is in Le Châble or back in Ruinettes.biplace

Price: 190.- (swiss francs)

Discovery tandem flight:
Discover the Val de Bagnes for a thermal flight like no other!
Take-off from Ruinettes and then fly for an hour or more, depending on the conditions.
If you are a nature-lover and like altitude and amazing scenery sit down in front of one of our pilots and relax, you won’t regret it!
1 hour flight: 250.-
2 hour flight: 310.-

Mountain trek tandem:
1 Day Program:
In the morning, walk up with a mountain guide to a destination of choice (Le Rogneux for example), then take-off and fly down slowly.

Price, flight included: 600.-

High mountain tandem flight:
2 Day Program: Vue de la cabane de Valsorey
First day :
- Initiation tandem flight in the region of choice.
- Go by foot to the high mountain cabin and spend the night there.
Second day:
Walk to the summit, take-off and fly back to the valley.

Summits to chose from:
Petit Combin 3663m.
Pigne d’Arolla 3790m.
Aiguille du Tour 3540m.

Price: 1360.-

Included in the price:
Mountain Guide for two days
Night in the cabin, half-board
Initiation flight and mountain flight

Our pilots:
« Mountain-paraguide » only works with professionals.
All our pilots are Swiss and have passed their FSVL* exams in accordance with Swiss Federal law.

*Swiss Free Flying Federation