Advanced Cross-country course 30-60 km.

En transition sur ChamonixThis course will allow you to discover the Valleys of Bagnes-Entremont-Hérens, a unique flying region with summits of over 4000m. Generous but gentle thermals will very often bring you close to the summit.

Theoretical program:
Every morning we analyse the local and general weather forecast to then apply this in practice.
We answer questions about the take-off area relative to orientation and time, making the best possible tactical choices to ensure safe and relaxed flights.

Practical program:
1st day:
Hotel welcome, weather briefing, equipment check and exposition of the Bagnes-Verbier valley. Cross-country flights within the valley of 20-40 km are possible.
Soaring or evening flight at Croix de Cœur.

2nd day:
Weather briefing and flight in the vallée de Bagnes.
Take-off from Bruson, Ruinettes and Croix de Cœur.
Cross-country flights are possible throughout the whole valley and beyond.
Fly before the Petit Combin with heights up to 3000m.
And eat a « croûte au fromage » (cheese speciality) in the Cabane de Mille or the Cabane Brunet.

Val de Bagnes3rd day:
Weather briefing, drive to Champex, to the famous “Tour du Mont Blanc“ take-off. Fly cross-country across the Entremont valley and attempt the return trip to the Vallée de Bagnes.
Soaring or evening flight at Croix de Cœur.

4th day :
Weather briefing, drive to the village of Evolène in the Val d’Hérens.
Cross-country flights throughout the valley and beyond. Seasonal thermals that reach 4000m are not rare in this area and the Dent Blanche mountain (4350m) in the background will leave its mark on all paragliders.

5th day:
Weather briefing, transport to the take-off area to try and reach two or even three different valleys in one cross-country flight.
The first option is to leave from Verbier and head for the Entremont valley before coming back to the Val de Bagnes and going towards the Val d’Hérens.
The second option, if you miss the thermals, is to take-off again from Verbier before going to the Val d’Hérens.
Picking up everyone and end of the course.

Calandrier-MPG-20.021Course Organisation:

Private course: All season depending on availability. See calendar

Group course: See calendar

Group: Maximum 6 people per group

Participants must come with their own equipment. Don’t forget good walking boots, warm gloves, a helmet and a recently folded parachute.
Radios are provided by the school.

Included in the price:
Accomodation at the Hotel La Vallée in the village of Lourtier.
Double-room with bath or shower, WC, TV and breakfast.
Access to the Bio Spa with hammam, sauna, relaxation room and exterior jacuzzi.
1 mountain-guide / paragliding instructor present during the whole stay.
Taxi and telecabins during the activities.

Not included:
Lunch, dinner, drinks.

Private week:
Price per person

1 pers: 4045.-
2 pers: 2200.-
3 pers: 1730.-
4 pers: 1410.-
5 pers: 1320.-
6 pers: 1160.-

Single room:
200 francs extra per week

Group week:
Price per person

(min. 3 people)

In case of adverse weather conditions, we will try our best to find somewhere to fly.
In case of extreme weather, another activity will be suggested, and everyone is welcome to participate. However, if you do not wish to participate that’s fine as well.
Unfortunately, not participating in an alternative activity does not mean a refund.
If we need to rent equipment for one of the activities (e.g. biking, via ferrata harness, crampons, etc.) this may incur additional cost if it is more than that already included in the price of the course.

Suggested activities:
Alpine trekking
Glacier trekking
Via ferrata
VTT/ biking
Downhill biking
Indoor climbing
Discovering the Valaisan specialities

Required level for participants:
- Autonomous pilot, with experience of how to deal with turbulent thermal conditions.
- Small cross-country flights of over 20km flown regularly.
- Able to take-off facing the wing in winds of 25km/h.
- Licensed pilot with a free flying insurance and member of an organisation such as the FSVL (Swiss Free Flying Federation).